The Wound Becomes the Magic

The Wound Becomes the Magic

Spring is on the horizon. It has begun to peek through in the chortle of the newly returned Sandhill cranes. Redwing blackbirds are trilling in the marsh. Cardinals are singing love ballads to their mates. Robins are softly serenading just before dawn. I adore this time of year. I’ve come to deeply anticipate and relish this cyclical touchstone of renewal. It speaks to me of resilience, intuition, and an internal guidance system that directs each creature forward, now and again. I feel my own heart lighten with hope and potential. I am deeply grateful to live in this abundant space and never take this privilege for granted. The land, rhythm, and nourishment of nature have sustained me.

“I have felt deep despair to profound joy.”

This year marks my 10th of living here. I would say unequivocally that this last decade of life has been the most challenging. I have felt deep despair to profound joy. I have embodied numbness to electrical awareness. I often wished to be whisked off the planet as situations became too much to bear. I have grown and learned in methods and manners that astonish me. If I were observing my life from a bird’s eye view, the scope of the migration to Magic surprises me. Is this really me?

And is this really you? What if our blueprint, our coding, our template, our wounding actually and energetically contain all the true Magic of our beings? What if we are purposefully by design, agreement, and Co-Creation exactly imprinted with all of the cosmic elements designed to create alchemy? What if we are a treasury of pure gold? What if all of the experiences that brought you here are forging new pathways of possibility and healing? What if these healings are for you yes but also extend to your family, your ancestors as well as new generations to come, the globe, and the cosmos? Perhaps we can consider a new view, a radical shift in pain as a source of profound healing as we view the events and circumstances of each of our lives?

Do any of us as humans enjoy pain, seek it out or relish it? Of course not. As most often we have an aversion to change, contrast, and living through moments that cause us to course-correct or dwell in dark spaces. But, what comes to my soul is that the only reason there is a shadow is that light is somehow contained within even in the bleakest of situations.

What if we actually would choose to heal that wound? What if we begin to allow all to be extracted, cleansed, soothed, shifted, softly scarring in with new tissue and regeneration? What if we are on the threshold of a new chemistry creation of alchemical Magic that we can set in motion just by virtue of being our unique self? What if the most exquisite, desired, beautiful potent medicine is actually contained within the very source of what initiated the pain in you?

What if indeed the Wound Becomes the Magic?

How does this resonate, interest, or speak to you? Let me know!